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Fast Fanning Lashes - D Curl

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I spent almost 1 year testing out lots of different Fast Fanning lashes. I finally found THE Perfect ones that are nice and deep black in color and they do not lose their curl!

Our Fast Fanning lashes are specially designed to assist lash techs who are new to volume lashing. They have a unique sticky strip which keeps the bases together and allows you to make beautiful fans in literally seconds. They are also awesome for the seasoned lash techs who’ve been volume trained but perhaps are still struggling to make fans or your time is not improving. You can do a full set in practically half the time it currently takes you to do a volume set.

My favorite thing about our Fast Fanning lashes is that they are perfect to make the ever-so- popular “Strip Lash Look” sets!

All our Fast Fanning lashes are available in 0.05 diameter, contain 16 rows and are super silky soft.

We have mixed trays and single lengths in B, C, CC & D curls. Every strip in each tray is marked with the curl, length and diameter so you won’t have to deal with marking up your tiles, domes or pallets any more.

Get ready to be amazed, Y’all!! Our Fast Fanning lashes are an absolute game changer!

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